Clothing | Gaza | Project #23

Share The Warmth: Provide Winter Bundles to Children in Gaza (7th Annual)

People Affected
880 Children

💥 Challenge:

Thousands of children in Gaza remain homeless after the latest Israeli attacks. With a population of just over 2 million and more than half under 18 years old, it is our responsibility to help ease the living conditions exacerbated by the ongoing siege in Gaza. Over 70% of Palestinians in Gaza rely on humanitarian aid, and the children are the most vulnerable group.

👊🏼 Solution:

The objective of the 7th Annual Winter Relief Drive is to provide children with essential winter supplies, including jackets, jeans, wool thermals, socks, and shoes. In addition, with the help of our partner, the Middle East Children's Alliance, each child will receive a blanket. Jackets shield children from the cold wind and rain, while suitable footwear provides protection from hazardous ground conditions that winter storms can cause. Jeans and underclothes offer crucial comfort and warmth during this challenging season. Each layer of clothing adds an extra layer of protection for these children.

In addition, we source these jackets from local factories, thereby contributing to the growth of the local economy. By doing so, we not only provide vital winter supplies to children but also support the local workforce. Thank you for joining us in this endeavor to make a positive impact on the community.

🙏🏼 Distribution:

We're targeting areas including the Shati refugee camp, Al-Shujayeia, Tel Al-Hawa, and the other regions severely impacted by the latest Israeli attacks and generally suffering from high poverty rates. 880 students received winter bundles this year!

🔄 Long-Term Impact:

Every year, we conduct this fundraiser to extend the distribution of critical winter supplies to even more children. The resources included in our Winter Bundles are crafted from long-lasting materials, ensuring they can be used for several winters. Your continued support gives hope to children that a brighter future is possible. We are grateful for your crucial role in fulfilling PaliRoots' greater mission to promote the well-being of Palestinians and other communities worldwide.