Clothing | Gaza | Project #7

Save Gaza: Winter Bundles Project (3rd Annual)

$91,410 Donated
People Affected
3,600 Children
Zam Zam Water & Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance (MECA)


Poor shelter compounded by limited wood supply and electricity makes for winters in Gaza that are harsh and unforgiving. Houses may be filled with holes in the walls and roofs or shelter may simply be a flimsy trailer which can sink in the rain and does little to protect from winter elements. Restrictions on power and resources make improvements on living difficult and staying warm, harder. Children often suffer the most in winter due to their more vulnerable general state of affairs. It is important that these children have the resources needed to stay warm, which helps protect their health and allows them to focus their energy on important parts of their lives like going to school.


Winter bundles are an effective way to get warmth to those children in need.

Each Bundle Includes:
  • Jacket
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Jeans
  • Woolen Underclothes

Produced from local Gazan factories, these items are essential for winter. Jackets protect against the cold wind and rain, while proper foot protection keeps children safer during winter storms, which can produce dangerous and deteriorated ground conditions brought. Jeans and underclothes provide an essential level of both protection and comfort during this challenging time.


A total of 3,600 winter bundles, which included a jacket, shoes, socks, jeans, and woolen underclothes, were distributed amongst areas in Rafah (Al-Maswasi, Al-Shoka, etc), Northern Gaza (Jabalia, Biet Lahia, etc), and Gaza City ( Al-Shatee Camp, Al-Naser, etc).

Long-Term Impact

This is the 3rd Annual Save Gaza Winter Project, in total providing winter bundles to over 3,600 children in need. The resources provided in our Save Gaza Winter projects are made from durable materials, allowing them to be used for many winters. Additionally, the psychological effects of having support as well as access to basic materials to live is important to both children and families for building hope and encouragement for a brighter future.

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