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Step Into a World of Culture and Beauty

Your Palestine travel guide

The Palestine Travel Series began with a bold idea — to inspire the world to visit Palestine in order to transform the Palestinian future. Our team visited many areas of the beautiful holy land, from Ramallah to Nablus to Bethlehem and Al-Khalil (Hebron), so we could share amazing local hotspots, mouth-watering Palestinian cuisine, and astonishing viewpoints. We are excited to show you around! Please do share our adventures with your friends and family as well.

  • S1: Jericho

  • S2: Turmusaya

  • S3: Ramallah

  • S4: Bethlehem

  • S5: Al-Khalil

  • S6: Nablus

Season 1: Jericho Trailer

E1: Hisham's Palace

E2: Nabi Musa

E3: Qumran Caves (Dead Sea Scrolls)

E4: The Dead Sea

E5: Monastery of the Temptation

Introduction | The Palestine Travel Series

Season 2: Turmusaya Trailer

E1: Picking Figs with Siti in Palestine

E2: Turmusaya Cultural Event

E3: PaliRoots Cribs ft. Siti Amina

E4: Breakfast at Siti's

Season 3: Ramallah Trailer

E1: Taste of Ramallah

E2: Mahmoud Darwish Museum

E3: The Palestine Museum

E4: The Palestine Museum Garden

E5: Yasser Arafat Museum

E6: Al-Waleed Resturant

Season 4: Bethlehem Trailer

E1: Olive Wood Factory

E2: Harvesting the World's Oldest Olive Tree (Al-Bawadi)

E3: Aida Refugee Camp

E4: Church of Nativity

E5: Wall of Shame

E6: Walled Off Hotel

E7: Arab Women's Union

Season 5: Al-Khalil (Hebron) Trailer

E1: Hebron Glass & Ceramic Factory

E2: Abraham's Oak Tree

E3: Hirbawi Textile Factory

Season 6: Nablus

E1: Streets Of Nablus

E2: Sebastia

E3: Al Aksa Knafeh

E4: Nablus Soap Factory

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