Clothing | USA | Project #13

Give Hijabs: Women Facing Domestic Abuse Project (2nd Project)

$1,950 Donated
People Affected
182 Women
Arab American Association of New York

Women facing domestic violence and abuse can find great benefit, relief, and healing from outside support. However, oftentimes, women are entrenched in domestic abuse and do not know how to alleviate the situation. Domestic abuse is also compounded by stress and poverty. Not only do women experience harm, but whole families suffer as well.

Connecting women to support and services is critical for alleviating domestic abuse and the harm it brings. Arab American Association of New York provides a number of services including workshops, family counseling, and direct support for women to name a few. Providing hijabs for impoverished women in need helps them to feel confident, supported, and hopeful for the future.

A total of 182 hijabs were donated to women experiencing domestic abuse. 

Long-Term Impact
It is said that love and a smile are some of the most healing powers on Earth. Providing these women with hijabs helped show them the love and support of a community beyond the boundaries of their own homes, and brought smiles to their faces. Having a high-quality and comfortable hijab is not just a surface level fix. Wearing the hijab can remind those facing domestic violence that there is support, and there is hope. 

PaliRoots Donated: $1,950