Feeding | Gaza | Project #25

Feed Gaza & Lebanon: Food Parcels Projects (Ramadan 2023)

People Affected
750 Families
Palestine & Lebanon
Middle East Children's Alliance


For three years, PaliRoots and MECA have collaborated to combat child malnutrition in Gaza, significantly impacted by the Israeli occupation and siege. This report is a testament to our ongoing and expanding efforts to provide nourishing food parcels to Palestinian families in Gaza and Lebanese refugee camps.

Our Goals

Promote Healthy Growth: We provide nutrient-rich food parcels to families in crisis, ensuring the well-being and development of Palestinian children.

Empower Women: We support women's empowerment by purchasing food products from small businesses and cooperatives driven by women-led income-generation initiatives.

Enhance Food Security: Through the delivery of food parcels, we aim to heighten food security in Gaza and Lebanon, addressing the urgent needs of hunger-stricken families.

Impact and Distribution

In this period, we have distributed 750 carefully curated food parcels, with 400 in Gaza and 350 in Lebanese refugee camps. Each parcel is designed to sustain a family for a month, filled with fresh vegetables, chicken, staples like cheese, beans, rice, and tahini, with special additions of dates for Ramadan. This process indirectly supports ten women-led small businesses from which we source products, benefiting the 45 women employed therein. 

We distribute these parcels via four channels:

1. Ramadan Food Parcels: Distributed to individuals in need during Ramadan. 

2. Emergency Food Parcels: Designed to alleviate food insecurity among Lebanese refugees.

3. Nutritional Food Parcels: Catered to families in Gaza with malnourished children, these contain nutrient-rich items.

4. Regularly Scheduled Food Parcels: Delivered quarterly to impoverished families in Gaza, maintaining year-round food security. 

Supporting Women and Local Economy

In association with the Gaza Urban and Peri-Urban Agricultural Project, we support 53 small projects and cooperatives led by women in Gaza, benefiting 41 women directly and hundreds of families indirectly with each food parcel distribution.

Your continued support helps us not only provide immediate aid but also cultivate sustainable, long-term change. We appreciate your ongoing commitment and look forward to furthering our mission together.