Emergency Relief | Gaza, Palestine | Project #18

Emergency Relief: Gaza Under Attack

People Affected
3,144 Families
Middle Eastern Children's Alliance



“The recent attack on the Gaza Strip was horrible. Every night was worse than the previous and we couldn't sleep from the sound of the explosions.” - Wafaa El-Derawi (PaliRoots Meal Program Project Coordinator at MECA)

These attacks caused extensive damage to homes, structures and factories hitting the nerve of the Gazan economy and increasing the poverty rate to more than 85%. Approximately 15,000 people have become homeless and are currently staying with friends, relatives or shelters. The ultimate goal, as of now, is to repair or rebuild their homes. 


With the Palirooters’ support, we were able to provide emergency funds to MECA in order to feed the families greatly affected by the recent attacks from the Israeli government. This includes those whose homes were destroyed and are now displaced, as well as families who are unable to gather food and supplies.


A total of $100,000 was donated to fund food parcels for Palestinian refugee families, approximately 3,144 (Approx. 17,920 people) throughout the Gaza strip. These locations include: 

North Gaza: 798 
Gaza: 773
Deir Al-Balah/Middle Area: 471
Khan Younis: 631
Rafah: 471

Efforts on the ground would not be possible without our implementing partner Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA) and our beautiful community!