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The Victorious Juneteenth, Palestine Celebrates You; Forever and Always. 🖤

Juneteenth by definition is a day that commemorates the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States. This was first celebrated in Texas of 1865 where on June 19th slaves were declared free under the terms of the 1862 Emancipation Proclamation.

As Pro-Palestinians who want to see an end to the Palestinian occupation by Israeli forces, we just want to let you know how incredibly happy we are to see our Black brothers and sisters thriving after their continued fight to freedom. We understand on a such a deep level what an accomplishment it is to have freedom from the oppressors, and the black community is truly living proof that the peoples’ voices can and will be heard and that change is inevitably possible. The black community’s continuation to celebrate their victory to freedom is an admirable trait that one day, when Palestine is free, Pro-Palestinians across the globe wishfully hope to acquire.


Palestinians do not know what it means to be a freeman in their own homes, Palestinians are constantly abused and tortured senselessly by Israeli forces, and Palestinians have to beg for the right to exist. Similarly, the black community endured the same inhumane torture but have been able to set themselves free and demand the respect of the world. June 19th is a day to pay respect to all of those who had to endure mental and emotional trauma as a result of the horrid behaviors of slave owners, and racist European men. Not only did our black ancestors have to undergo unbearable living conditions, but despite their circumstance and helpless nights, never seized to fight for the freedom of future generations to come. The way it is important to commend and pay respects to the ancestors who have brought the black community to where they are today is that which words cannot amount to.

Pro-Palestinians hope that one day, we are able to see a Free Palestine as we learn from the Black community and their driven attitudes towards being an undefeated population. The fight for people of color to attain humane treatment, and equality is a fight that we see even in modern times. Voices will not be silenced and our minorities will be heard. We will forever stand behind our black brothers and sisters and celebrate every success they acquire as they blossom into the free and respected people they are destined to be. The victorious Juneteenth, Palestine celebrates you; forever and always.

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