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The Secrets Behind Yasser Arafat Square

History is the only testament that time is passing, it illuminates the present and provides guidance in our lives. Statues have become a medium to showcase the history we carry and the stories we tell. Ramallah, is one of the most influential cities in Palestine, approximately 6 miles (10 Kilometers) north of Jerusalem. The land has become a paragon of innovation for all those that inhabit the land. The connection the people have to Ramallah is as tenacious as the spirits that harbor within them. This drives prosperous businesses to grow and innovators to flourish. Allowing the development and construction of iconic pieces in each of Ramallah’s squares, showcasing the beauty and history Ramallah has to offer. While there is so much history to cover, we will briefly discuss the prestige of the Yasser Arafat Square (Al Sa’a Square / دوار الساعة).

Historically known as the “Clock Tower Roundabout” Yasser Arafat Square is a popular landmark in Ramallah, Palestine. This strategic structure is made to represent Yasser Arafat's personality by giving strength to him as a leader. This monument resembles a lighthouse with the bottom being a water fountain to symbolize the intimate relationship he had with his people.

On the top of the flag pole, you’ll notice a young boy mounting the Palestinian flag on top of the lighthouse which symbolizes Yasser Arafat’s dream of liberating Palestine. He once made a famous statement saying  “A day will come when one of our boys or girls will raise the flag of Palestine over the walls of Jerusalem, the minarets of Jerusalem, and the churches of Jerusalem.” During the first and second Intifada, many Palestinian teenagers use to compete to see who can mount the most flags around the city in the quickest time possible. They often prepared the wood slab to the nail for a quick and efficient mount, so they can reduce the chance of getting caught and to minimize the risk of getting the flag getting taken down by the Israeli soldiers.

Yasser Arafat square is a very popular area for special events and holidays. During Eid or Christmas, thousands of Palestinians come together to celebrate and enjoy their time together. Around the area, you’ll find a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, bakeries and more. Yasser Arafat square is a must see place in Ramallah with a lot of historical structures nearby such as the Al-Manara Square, which is the most popular area in Ramallah for fine dining and people watching.