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The National Symbols of Palestine & Their Essence!

Oh what it is to admire the many wonders of Palestine and how they flourish the country with bliss. Of all the striking beauty Palestine has to offer, there are few features that we just NEED to tell you about! 🤗

Mountain Gazelle

Up first we have the Palestinian Mountain Gazelle that so enchantingly roams throughout the mountains of Palestine. Gazelles are actually linked to an ancient form of poetry! How so? Well, The word Gazelle itself may have made its way into the English and French languages, but it likely originated from the Arabic word “ghazaal.” The word stems from the original word “ghazal” which in essence means “conversations with women.” Going back to the 6th century, ghazal poetry focuses on romantic love, and the pain of loss and separation. How lovely is the Palestinian Gazelle, and what a painful loss it would be to lose them. Although, it is important to note that while there is still habituation of Gazelles in Palestine, they are still very much an endangered species thus making them a very protected one. The gazelle is one that prefers mountainous and hilly habitats that are filled with light, greenery, and fields. It is never too hard to spot one of these beauties while in Palestine as they are early birds and do not prefer to come out during the night. They thrive off of the daytime and all that the world has to offer in its wakefulness. Just remember, the next time you’re in Palestine to keep your eyes on the look out for this beautiful creature as it will take your breath away with its utter elegance and overwhelming sense of peace as it passes you by.  


Palestine Sunbird

Another striking animal that has an overwhelming presence in Palestine is the small in size but bold in existence Palestinian Sunbird or Shinara. Contrary to popular belief, this sunbird is actually the national bird of Palestine.  This flying masterpiece of iridescent colors with its orange tuft and its glistening fur coat holds a beautiful representation of resilience and undying presence in Palestine.


Poppy Flower


The next extraordinary element that garnishes Palestine’s countryside so potently is the exuberant Poppy Flower! This stunning flower is an element of Palestine that is so effortlessly unmatched. At first glance this flower emits a vibrant shade of red that leaves you in utter admiration of its beauty, but as you look closely, its inner shade of black works to define and compliment the pigmentation of the red so powerfully. The poppy anemone is a perennial plant, which typically ranges from 20 to 40 cm tall and is touched by deeply lobed leaves. Beyond the Poppy Flower’s immaculate look, it serves a multitude of purposes such as using its pigmentation for medicinal purposes and plays a role in politics while symbolizing very deep and connected emotions to Palestine. Poets have claimed to use this flowers aura to help them with their work with regards to tying passion and emotion to their pieces.  It is a flower that continuously designs Palestine with outright warmth and intensity. This is yet another characteristic of Palestine any and all visitors should make an effort to see on their ventures throughout their time amidst the fathomless pulchritude that is Palestine.


Olive Trees

The poppy flower is not the only plant in Palestine of significance, but one that is deeply rooted within the land and hearts of Palestine and its people is the Palestinian Olive Tree. The Olive tree carries more than just an economic significance in the lives of Palestinians as this plant symbolizes Palestinian resistance and resilience. The olive tree unlike any other tree can stand through very difficult conditions such as a drought, growing under poor soil conditions, and much more. The olive tree’s steadfastness perfectly resembles the undying connection of the Palestinian people and their attachment to their land.


Hirbawi Kufiya

Finally one of the most heartwarming wonders of Palestine is the black and white, or even sometimes multi colored Hirbawi Kufiya. This compelling piece of cloth that has been around for over 5 centuries works to resemble the Palestinian movement, resistance and solidarity within the Arab countries, but more specifically in Palestine, is absolutely eye-catching. As the Hirbawi Kufiya is one of Palestine’s most iconic symbols, pro Palestinian individuals use its marvelous look to decorate themselves through the perseverance that it flawlessly demonstrates.


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