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My Kufiya/Keffiyeh is NOT Your Fashion Statement

We all know how meaningful the Kufiya/Keffiyeh is to the Palesitnian people. Kufiya's/Kiffiyeh's are worn as a clear representation of the Palestinian resistance. It is always a mind blowing occurence to see major brands not only culturally appropriate, but also take away from the purity and depth of our, as well as other cultural symbolism. Such intolerable behavior is equally as disrespectful as taking another fashion designers work and using it in your own line of fashion as a way to sell to your audience. Unacceptable. Let's go on ahead and take a look at two major brands that so comfortably have felt the need to take away from our meaning and use it as a way to capitalize off of our hardship and undying struggle.


Louis Vuitton

This billion dollar company has recently found themselves in quite the predicament as they have been struck by an angry consumer heat wave for their inability to respect the value of the Palestinian Kufiya/Keffiyeh pattern. This pattern is known to have symbolize Palestinian resistance and nationalism since the 1930's. Louis Vuitton has ignorantly created their newest design "Louis Vuitton Monogram Blue Denim Scarf/Wrap". On behalf of the Palestinian community; Mr. Arnault (owner of Louis Vuitton), please hire a better team of people that can do their due diligence in avoiding the cultural appropriation of our representation of resistance.



Fendi came out with a mens scarf that they so blatantly called a "Kiffiyeh". Not only is this disrespectful to Palestinians because you stole our cultural design and degraded its timeless purpose, but Fendi also had the audacity to use the outright name of it. The disrespect in such a move is simple; do not steal what is not yours. There are Palestinians in Palestine dedicated to creating custom - made Kufiya's/Keffiyeh's at an affordable cost. This is not being "sensitive." These occurences strike a nerve because our movement and our resistance is not something to make a $850 dollars off of, but rather the Kufiya is only a symbol of our undying desire to fight for our freedom as Palestinians.

All in all, Louis Vuitton and Fendi are not the first and last brands to embezzle the long loved Kufiya/Keffiyeh pattern. Ultimately, cultural appropriation is not something to ever be taken lightly. For years we have been combating the epidemic that is the misuse of meaningful / purposeful garments from minorities and using them as a point of sale. We the people, have to use the power of the internet to remind these billion dollar brands that our struggle is not their next big sale.


The Hirbawi factory is more than a place of production: it is a symbol of resilience, resistance, and strength in the face of overwhelming odds. It is a place to celebrate the Palestinian culture authentically, and a reminder as to the need of supporting domestic economies whenever possible. Passion and perseverance are sewn into every thread of each Hirbawi Kufiya/Kifiiyeh.


Support Palestinian businesses by purchasing from a source you can trust.