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Miss Universe Contestant Takes A Stance - Humanity Over The Crown

Miss Universe contestants are usually known for expressing how they admire those who actively aspire and take initiative to better humanity, and apply themselves to make wholesome differences within their communities. Standing up for what is morally right not only gets them points on the stage, but carrying out that same humanitarian energy into the real world helps them gain the respect of people across the globe.

Standing Up For What Is Right 🙌🏼

As the Miss Universe Pageant approaches, Greece's contestant has decided to take a stance with the Palestinian people and opted out of competing being that the pageant is to be hosted in Israel (which occupies Palestine) on December 12, 2021. Although Plastria, from Trikala, central Greece was very sad to announce her withdrawal, she made it very clear that she is with the people who are out there fighting for their right to exist.

She went on to post a picture on her Instagram of the Palestinian flag and stated “I cannot go up to the stage and pretend that nothing happens when people are fighting for their lives out there.“ “It hurts me so badly because I’ve waited many years to make my dream come true… I love all the countries of the world, but my heart is with people who are fighting for their lives in Israel and Palestine.”

It is evident that she took her stance without expecting the whole world to react to her decision, but she took it back to her Instagram on Tuesday to say how “beautiful“ it has been to see all of the love and support she has received from people all over her social media as she decided not to participate in the pageant this December that is being held in Israel. She beautifully wrote on her Instagram “Palestine you are not only in my mind every day but you have the most beautiful place in my heart forever. My guardian angels are there with you whenever needed and I will always keep praying for all of you! I didn’t expect this love support.”

Organizations from all over the world are commending the contestant for her noble act and standing up for what she truly believes in despite what she may lose, as participating in a pageant is something that young ladies spend a lifetime preparing for. The pressure and desire to participate did not stop Greece's contestant from taking a stance and doing what she believes is right in the name of humanity and freedom.