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LELELELE PaliRoots Turns 5! 🥳

A milestone is an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. Milestones really signify how far a person, and/or a company has come on a journey that heart and soul was thoroughly invested into. We are so proud and excited to announce that we are celebrating PaliRoots 5th birthday! As we embark on this milestone, we would like to take the time to go over and share with you all some of our happiest, and most profound moments! We have flourished within the last 5 years all because of hard work, dedication, and you. Let’s look together at some of our most memorable moments over the last 5 years! LELELELE! 🇵🇸

2016 | Launch of PaliRoots

Pictured above are Hussein and Aminah at MAS-ICNA on September 1st. Here we are also seeing the first launch date of PaliRoots!

2017 | Founders Speaking Event to Youth at MAS-ICNA

Here we can see Aminah and Hussein holding their first speaking engagement in front of over 400+ youth in the community. They discussed entrepreneurship and inspired the youth to stay focused and pursue their dreams.

2018 | Visited Palestine to Film the Palestine Travel Series

After 2 years of launching PaliRoots. The PaliRoots team traveled back to the motherland, Palestine. During their journey, they filmed the famous “Palestine Travel Series.” They captured throughout this series various historic and famous landmarks that represent the Palestinian identity. (Stay tuned for future episodes to come!) 
🎥 Click HERE to watch the Palestine Travel Series 

2019 | The Birth of the PaliRoots Meal Program

Inspired by the founder's humble beginnings growing up in Southside Chicago, Aminah & Hussein Launch the PaliRoots Meal Program. The program provides healthy and nutritious meals. Over 355k+ meals have been donated to date!
🥗 Click HERE to read more about the PaliRoots Meal Program! 

2020 | Celebration of the 2nd Annual Knafeh Day Competition (June 25th)

This was the turning point for this PaliRoots created holiday. PaliRoots hosts a massive international competition where over 550+ participants from all parts of the globe fought to win the title for the best Knafeh of the year! This grew to over 1,200+ participants in 2021.

2021 | Bella Hadid Wore Kufiya Bandana to a Palestine Protest!

Palestinian Supermodel, Bella Hadid, marches for Palestine on New York's streets wearing all Palestine things, including our Kufiya Bandana. Lulululeeee!

2021 | The 2 MILLION Dollar Charity Project ♥️

PaliRoots Family successfully raised and donated 2 MILLION Dollars to the PaliRoots Meal Program to feed families throughout Gaza within a month in May 2021. 

Thank you to all our supporters who have made getting to this point possible! We truly would not be where we are today without the unconditional love, dedication, and support of our PaliRoots fam. ❤️