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How To Style Palestinian Prints 101

PaliRoots released BRAND NEW PALI-PRINTS this month ranging in designs. Styling them in your home can be difficult and we are here to offer our help!

In the Kitchen 

Prints like Vintage Knafeh Shop and the Healing Tea Print blend really well with the ambiance of a kitchen. So in my home I placed a framed Vintage Knafeh Shop print on the counter next to my fridge adorned between a vase of flowers and my coffee maker. The Healing Tea print found its home above my “Tea Station” hanging on the wall. The best way to style prints in the kitchen is to use them as focus points to take the eyes away from boring old appliances. So near a coffee maker, near or on the fridge, on walls, and whatever other unique ways you can think of.

Gaming Desk 

Having an at home gaming setup is becoming more and more popular these days. A desk adorned with LED lights in every crevice, usually darker colors, with a monitor and gaming pc that lights up to top it off. The ultimate “~vibe~”. So for a gaming PC, the goal is to pick “cooler” pieces. (pieces that include art, and cool colors) Prints like the Gazelle, The Phoenix Bird, Kufiya, and the Filistin. I took the Phoenix Bird Print, framed it, and put it right up on my wall behind my desk. The white background contrasts well with the dark gray desk and the bright led lights help make the Phoenix’s colors pop.

Home Office

I have always been a fan of the traditional old style offices. Dark wood desk placed in front of large floor to ceiling bookshelf; decor includes a globe, a monocle, and maps (usually). Seems like the perfect place to put up one of our FOUR map prints. If the office seems to go the traditional route, a dark colored or gold frame would be my go to. A more modern office would lean towards white and multicolored frames, even gold. Then depending on the size of the print, you would place it in either a self or up on the wall. The 1911 Jerusalem Map Print is the top contender for a bookshelf, it’s horizontal format makes it so it can fit in most spaces. Our prints are highly versatile.

Dorm Room

It's that time of the year again, where everyone is going back to University. We are all aware how boring and cold feeling they make dorm rooms, and even worse they make it very difficult to make the room feel comfortable. One way though, is to put some of our prints up on the wall. Show your Palestinian pride while also covering up that ugly wall color. Command strips make it easy without stripping the paint, and you can buy affordable frames from Walmart, Target, and secondhand from thrift shops.

Living Room

Styling our prints in a living room offers a lot of versatility. You could go the traditional route, and include our prints with other wall art (like a collage). You could frame the Ancestors Print up on an end table. Depending on your coffee table, you could also display them horizontally similar to that of a showroom.

All of these prints can be used in various ways to lift the aroma of any room, including some we cannot even think of. Be sure to tag us on instagram @PaliRoots so we can see all the different ways you styled our prints. We would love to see everyone's twist and creativity!

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