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Back To School: Pali-Supporter Essentials

It’s that time of the year where you prepare for your 5am alarms to go off in agonizingly loud increments of 15 minutes so that you’re awake just before your mom becomes your second alarm. Although this is a day most of us dread, w can collectively relate and feel the rush of a good ole' back-to-school morning. After brushing your teeth to rid of any unwarranted morning breath, you move frantically to gather yourself before heading out. It’s important to set yourself up properly to have a productive and smooth school year, and what better way to do so than to buy clothing/accessories that motivate you? Efficiency as a student or even teacher/administrator includes having the right clothing and accessories. Feeling good about that which you are wearing and the things that you choose to express yourself through (such as accessories) are critical to a feel-good school year. Here are some feel-good back to school items every Pro-Palestine supporter can rock as a student, teacher, and even an administrator!

Kufiya Tote Bag / Healing Tea Tote Bag

Both bags can become staple in any back-to-school goers list of things to purchase. These tote bags are perfect for carrying extra books, taking gym clothes to and from school, or even just using them as a main bag to carry around your intellectual goodies in! Let everyone know your support Palestine through an intricate kufiya pattern, or perhaps you prefer to carry a bag that represents healing for all of the “are you serious right now” moments you may encounter throughout your day.

Classic PaliRoots Cap

Now we all know that when school comes around that means more field days and field trips for everyone. These caps are the perfect addition for anyone who participates in school activities. You may not be able to wear the front and center representation of Palestine, but when you need a cap and want to flaunt your Palestine stance, this will come in handy, and you can thank us later!

Kufiya Lanyard

With everything going on in the world, schools have been working indefinitely to have students and administrators always wearing their ID pictures around their neck. Pick up a kufiya lanyard to ice yourself out Palestine style all day everyday. 

Kufiya Mask

Although vaccinations are available, one can never be too safe. When working in an environment where everyone is breathing the same air, wearing a mask can still create a barrier between you and potentially catching Covid-19. Purchase a kufiya mask to wear on he daily. Healthy and woke, quite a statement combination if you ask me!

Nablus Soap

Nablus soaps have a variety of benefits. From clearing up pre-teen acne to cleaning germs away after a long day in an overpopulated school. Purchase PaliRoots Nablus soaps that can benefit you in various ways for the school year to come!

Pali/Kufiya Socks

Kufiya socks have got you covered. With the iconic kufiya pattern, these socks are bold, made with ZibdaSoft™ cotton and look great with cuffed jeans and tapered pants.

Pali socks will give you a comfortable fit all day with any sneaker. Wear these socks all year long to subtly flaunt the Palestine map in the freshest way possible.


Stickers are in, and if you don’t have any, well… now is your time to shine. You’ve got to get your hands on our collection of Palestine stickers. What better way to scream “Palestine until the end of time,” other than by sporting a Palestine sticker on your laptop and/or water bottle.


Just like Pali-stickers, Pali-pins add a grungy touch to any backpacks, caps, and even crewnecks. Pali-pins will for sure show your solidarity and have you looking woke in-style!


Patches can be used to enhance any accessory. All our patches tell a unique story to Palestine. From our Gazelle Patch to our Palestine Map Patch, leave no space for anyone to doubt that you are a Pro-Palestine supporter!

 Kufiya Bandana / Kufiya Scrunchies

For any and every girl to enjoy, wear a bandana on top of your hijab, or tie it to your wrist like a bracelet to make a kufiya statement.

Science labs more than likely will ask you to put your hair up, so dissect that from, or incubate that bacterium with your hair up; Kufiya Scrunchie style.