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6 Palestinians + The Spoon | A Serving of Resistance

We are no strangers to the aggressive tactics and the harsh circumstances that innocent Palestinian prisoners must endure. Although Palestinian prisoners are left with unanswered questions, extremely unfair living circumstances as well as being stripped of many basic human rights, they remain in good spirits and diligent to fight for their freedom. Most Palestinians are willing to risk it all just to have a taste of emotionally everlasting yet realistically momentary freedom.

This undying desire for the right to live freely was clearly shown as 6 Palestinian prisoners managed to successfully escape one of the most highly secured prisons in Israel. Let us not overlook that this was not reckless behavior nor was it “too risky” as these men were craving the luxury of feeling the warmth of the sun on their skin and the joy of roaming their homes as free men. They are people, they deserve to live like people, and did what they needed to do for what they very well knew would be a temporary moment of liberation.

Who were the 6 men who escaped the brutal Israeli prison?

Mahmoud Abdullah Ardah

Adrah, 46, is from Jenin. He was the main leader of the escape operation. He has not seen his loved ones since he was sent to prison in 1996. He had an unsuccessful attempt back in 2014 to escape but that did not destroy his high spirits and his desire to be a freeman.

Mohamed Qassem Ardah

Ardah, 39, is from Jenin. Detained since 2002 was also one of the 6 to successfully escape the Israeli prison.

Zakaria Zubeidi

Zubeidi, 46, is from a camp in Jenin. He was well known in his community for striving to be a part of the resistance against the IOF and their dehumanizing tactics towards innocent Palestinian civilians.

Yaqoub Mahmoud Qadari

Qadari,39, is from Bir al-Basha, Jenin. He was sentenced to life for defending himself from a Israeli settler.

Munadil Yaqoub Nfeiat

Nfeiat,26, is from Ya’bad, southwest of Jenin. He has been in jail since 2019 without any charges.

Ayham Nayef Kamanji

Kamanji,35, is from Kafr Dan. He has been detained since 2006 for defending himself against an Israeli settler. 

How did the 6 men escape such a secured prison?

These 6 men were able to successfully escape the prison with a tool that you find in any and everyone’s home. A spoon. They were yearning for freedom so badly that they used the most accessible resource to them that would allow them to dig their way out. The spoon has become yet a new symbol of resistance for the Palestinian community as it portrays how regardless of what the IOF will try to do to restrict us from fighting for our right to be, we will never stop. The IOF has surely been served a spoonful of resistance. We should work to commemorate and congratulate these 6 men on their successful stride to freedom. Although short lived, they embody and emulate the very meaning of what it is to be a Palestinian living under the Israeli Occupation.

Let it be known that we will never stop, despite what we have to lose to fight for the right to be free as Palestinians we will do whatever it takes to withstand our ground. These men have proven to the world that there is no stopping Palestinians and their stride in becoming free people.

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