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5 Palestinian Desserts to Make During Quarantine

As millions of people are stuck at home in quarantine, they are turning to their ovens for comfort. For the past few months it seems as though everyone and their pets have been making banana bread. Despite the world’s love for the fluffy, fruit flavoured bread, people are getting bored and are in search of their next kitchen project. These next five Palestinian must have desserts will leave everyone going in for a second piece, and maybe even a second batch. 


  1. Awameh

These Palestinain donut holes are perfect for any sweet tooth. Usually served with coffee or tea on the side, Awameh will sweeten up any day. Perfect for anyone not looking to make large quantities, awameh is an easy dessert to size down the serving. 

Recipe: Middle Eastern Sweet Dumplings (Awameh) 


  1. Sahleb

One of the easiest desserts to make, sahlab a sweet milk drink, and a no-bake dessert that will take less than 15 minutes to prepare. Served warm, sahlab is perfect for any chilly day. It is also extremely versatile, it can be topped with cinnamon, ground pistachio, or even extra rose water. Sahlab can be personalized for everybody. 



  1. Knafeh

What type of Palestinian dessert article would this be if I didn’t include a knafeh recipe. The knafeh recipe below is a very own PaliRoots recipe from Mr. Halawa the #KnafehDay winner, therefore you know the knafeh is gonna be delicious and have the most satisfying cheese pull. 

Recipe: How to Make Delicious Knafeh (Middle Eastern Sweet Cheese Dessert) 


  1. Ruz Bil Haleeb 

If your favourite snack as a child was pudding, ruz bil haleeb is the perfect dessert for you. Translated into rice pudding, ruz bil haleeb is a fun Palestinian twist on your favourite childhood snack. Similar to custard but with the added texture from the rice and crushed pistachio, riz bil haleeb is a dessert everyone needs to try. 

Recipe: Easy Middle Eastern Rice Pudding 


  1. Qatayef 

If you're ambitious in the kitchen qatayef is perfect for you. Despite usually being made during Ramadan, qatayef is delicious all year long. Qatayef is a two step process, requiring to first make a pancake-like outside, later filled with either a nut or cheese filling. Once filled it is deep fried and soaked in a delicious sweet syrup. Though this dessert is delicious, I must warn you that qatayef may start arguments on the kitchen table with family members fighting about whether the cheese or nut filling is better.  

Recipe: Cheese- or Walnut-Filled Crepes (Atayef) 

Having to adapt to the new normal of many restaurants being closed and not having the ability to fly can be difficult. However, we can always bring a piece of Palestine into our homes with these delicious desserts, never mind the satisfaction of the long knafeh cheese pulls. 

About the author - Ahmed is a Palestinian-Canadian who loves to bake. His passion for baking started at a young age watching his mother, and tata (grandmother) make delicious food in the kitchen. He expresses his Palestinian identity through the dishes and desserts he makes. Ahmed is a proud Torontonian, born and raised, however his Palestinian roots will always live on in his heart and kitchen. You can follow him on instagram and youtube