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6 Must Try Coffee Shops in Palestine

Cof·fee – A cup full of energy, happiness, and a never-ending desire for more. /ˈkôfē,ˈkäfē/

Q’ahwa – Arabic Coffee: A compelling bitter sweetness that = joy and comfort. Qah-wa

Coffee in Palestine is seen in the beautiful homes of many. With the origin of Arabic coffee (Qahwa) being from Yemen, it has made its bitterly scrumptious way throughout the entirety of the Middle East with its soothing comfort and delectable taste. Arabic Coffee (Qahwa) is a masterpiece that is served in the homes of many. Arabic coffee is not the kind of coffee you can take quick sips of, rather, it is one that needs to be sipped on over a period of time thus politely insinuating the desire of a guests elongated stay as they work on drinking up their share. Particularly in Palestine, coffee is used as a tradition on the good and the bad days. Whether you have a guest coming to visit and congratulate you on your new home, or if you are grieving the loss of a loved one alongside one another, Arabic coffee (Qahwa) is staple and brings together people all across the land.

If you ever find yourself in Palestine looking for a coffee shop that brings you utter joy and bliss, here are the top 6 coffee shops in Palestine for you!

☕️ 6 Must Try Coffee Shops Throughout Palestine

Izhimans Coffee 

Izhiman Coffee has various locations throughout Palestine with their oldest location being in Jerusalem, Palestine.

This family owned business has been opened since 1921 in Jerusalem and has been thriving ever since. Izhimans location in the Old City of Jerusalem even has a black and white picture that has their logo on it with their vision for marketing their delicious coffee. This family pwned business takes major pride in making each cup of coffee for everyone who walk through their door.  If you're craving a cup full of love and passion this is on of the many locations in Palestine from these owners for you!

Singer Café

Singer café is located at Old City Street Walking distance from Bethlehem, Beit Sahour Palestine Territories

This coffee shop is known for having “the best coffee in town.” They have a menu that offers plenty of foods that can be perfectly paired or finished off with a warm and cozy cup of Qahwa!

Café La Vie 

Café La Vie is located at 5 Qastal Street Between the Orthodoxy Club and Arafat Square, Next to Sayyarat Betunya, Ramallah Palestinian Territories

Café La Vie seems to wow its customers with their oasis like ambiance that allows you to relax and sit back as you enjoy a yummy cup of Arabic Coffee (Qahwa)

Star & Bucks Bethlehem

Star and Bucks is located in Manger Square, Bethlehem Palestinian Territories

Star & Bucks café has a comedic vibe with their use of word play. They are known for their appealing name that seems to poke curiosity at their customers for being quite similar in nature to the popular Starbucks franchise. Nonetheless, their customers boast about how friendly, welcoming, and kind the owners are. Their customers also can’t seem to stop coming back for more as they thoroughly enjoy the Arabic coffee the café has to offer.

Cedarz Gelato & Coffee House 

Cedarz Gelato & Coffee House is located in Rafedia Opposite Korean Institute- Al Najah Academy, Nablus Palestinian Territories

Customers of this shop deem it the perfect study location. They offer a variety of flavors and customers keep coming back for their ability to make you crave qahwa more than you already do!

Vanilla Palestine

Vanilla Palestine has 3 main locations in Al -Tireh, Al-Maysoon, and Al-Irsal.

Not only does this café give you heavenly Arabic coffee, but they also serve an array of other coffee variations that will satisfy the specific coffee desire you woke up with today! Customers of this café seem to love the locations aura and the welcoming tone the locations set for everyone who walks in through their door!

So, there you have it! Some of the best and most preferred coffee shops throughout Palestine! Many people have rated these places as some of the best as upon entering and while sadly leaving, they feel as though the experience was that which they would love to keep coming back for. If you’re a coffee lover like myself and ever find yourself in Palestine, be sure to make a stop at one or even all of the mentioned locations as we are sure they will not disappoint!

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