Clothing | Gaza | Project #21

Share The Warmth: Provide Winter Bundles to Children in Gaza (6th Annual)

$56,691 Donated
People Affected
1,448 Children
Zam Zam Water & MECA


Tens of thousands of children are still homeless in Gaza following the latest Israeli attacks. With the population of Gaza reaching just over 2 million and over 50% under the age of 18, it is our duty to help ease the living situation due to the ongoing siege in Gaza, especially with the COVID-19 global pandemic only intensifying the already dire situation. Over 70% of Palestinians in Gaza rely on humanitarian aid, and the most vulnerable are the children.


The 5th Annual Winter Relief Drive aims to supply not only jackets, jeans, wool thermals, socks, and shoes to children, but also a face mask and blanket to a child in need - thanks to our partners, Middle East Children's Alliance. Jackets protect against the cold wind and rains, while proper foot protection keeps children safer during deteriorated ground conditions brought on by winter storms. Jeans and underclothes provide an essential level of comfort and warmth during this challenging time. Each layer adds to the protection of these vulnerable children.


Phase 1:

In the first phase, we're targeting areas including Shati refugee camp, Al-Shujayeia, Tel Al-Hawa, and other areas severely impacted by the latest Israeli attacks and generally suffering from high rates of poverty. 578 children benefitted from the first round of giving!

Phase 2:

870 children benefited from the second round of giving! 

Long-Term Impact:

We run this fundraiser on an annual basis, expanding the distribution of these essential winter materials to many more children each year.

The resources provided in our Winter Bundles are made from durable materials, allowing them to be used for many winters. Your ongoing support encourages children that there is hope for a brighter future. We thank you for being a central part of PaliRoots greater mission, helping to promote the well being of Palestinians and others worldwide.