Medicine | Gaza, Palestine | Project #19

Severe Malnutrition: Ard Al Insan Vitamins & Medicine Project

People Affected
895 Children
Middle Eastern Children's Alliance



In the Gaza Strip, it is estimated that 1/4 children suffer from anemia, 3/5 suffer from vitamin A and D deficiency, nearly 2/3 suffer from zinc deficiency and only 40% of infants are exclusively breastfeed in the first 6 months of life according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Due to the Israeli blockade, life is not easy and it is difficult for people to have access to proper medicine needed for young children to thrive in early adolescence. These medications and vitamins are critical to ensure the healthy development of these children.


PaliRoots and MECA teamed up to provide medicine, vitamins and fortified milk to children in Gaza through Ard Al Insan, the leading organization specialized in the field of common childhood diseases and nutrition in Gaza. Through this campaign, 895 children are provided medicine to combat severe malnutrition and rare diseases such as PKU.


This medicine was distributed to 2 hospitals, one in Khan Younis and one in the main city of Gaza. The extra funds received were able to be allocated to treat patients who came in with an infection, injury, or other types of childhood illnesses.The entirety of the treatment and medication cost is covered by the $61,000 donated from the PaliRoots Community; removing that financial burden from the families and their children! Thank you for helping us treat children. May you be rewarded for your beautiful contributions!