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Run for Palestine: Planting Olive Trees in the West Bank

$61,938 Donated
People Affected
30 Farmers
West Bank
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80,000 families depend on olive farming for their livelihoods. Due to the current political climate as well as other causes, Palestinians are in need of sustainable crops to help them support their lifestyles. Olive farming and production are crucial, as 14% of the Palestinian economy is comprised of olive products such as oil, soap, pickles, and beyond. However, since 1967, 2.5 million trees that have been uprooted in Palestine, a third of which are believed to be olive trees.

Losing olive trees has a negative impact on the Earth, the Palestinian economy, and leaves a lasting spiritual wound for those Palestinians who have cared for these trees for thousands of years. 


Palestine has some of the world’s oldest olive trees, dating back 4,000 years, having been passed down for generations. The olive harvest season is a time of festivities where families gather to remember their forefathers and mothers who worked so hard to take care of those trees for years before. The purpose of this project is to revitalize the lands of Palestine by donating trees to Palestinian farmers so that their lands can flourish and they can live in peace and prosperity. It is highly important to support these vulnerable groups by providing olive seedlings to expand their olive farms in order to enhance their familial income. 


Over 3,000 olive trees were planted on 30 low-income and women-led family farms in Ramallah. 

Long-Term Impact

By planting a tree, you are bringing hope back to a land and people who desperately need it. You are planting economic prosperity that can last for generations to come. Not only are you supporting vulnerable families, but you are also helping to fight climate change. Trees keep the air around us clean. Trees also reduce erosion and pollution in waterways, which reduces the effects of flooding. Not only do olive trees provide food and income, but they also protect wildlife as well. Planting olive trees in Ramallah is an expression of resilience and an everlasting connection to the land of Palestine.