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A Brighter Future for Palestine.

The efforts and attention of PaliRooters continues to touch the lives of thousands each year. We support Palestine by not only donating meals to Gazan children, but by organizing high-impact campaigns. These are directed to raise money for projects which demand the consideration of those around the world.

We understand that a project won’t succeed unless we’ve put in the many hours of well-deserved attention, research, and care into each. The result is a collective of PaliRooters empowered through sustainable partnerships, on-the-ground coverage, impact reports, and accountability.

To date, PaliRoots raised and donated $500,000 towards charitable causes. Our community has donated to campaigns for Clean Water, Feeding Families, Toys For Eid, Chemotherapy Drugs, Tree Planting, Water Tankers, Winter Bundles (Clothes), as well as Backpacks & School Supplies for children in refugee camps.


How We Do It.

Step 1

Inquire with non-profit organizations and identify the project that is needed for Palestine, including what type of aid - For example: clean water, food, other supplies/resources

Step 2

Set up a crowdfunding campaign

Step 3

Promote the fundraiser by raising awareness using social media, influencers and groups

Step 4

Distribute aid, document impact and share with the PaliRoots community!


Explore Current Challenges Facing Palestinians.

  • Economy
  • Education
  • Population
  • Food
  • Power
  • Water
  • Sanitation

The average income in Gaza was $1,826 in 2018 (World Bank Report).

Over 70% of Gaza lives below the poverty line.

60% of the youth are unemployed.

80% of the population are on some form of social assistance.

According to UNRWA, 94% of schools run a double shift system, with one group attending in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

The 2014 conflict damaged 547 schools, kindergartens and colleges, which have yet to be rebuilt.

Gaza has one of the highest population densities in the world. On average, 5,479 people live in every square kilometer. The current population of Gaza is expected to hit 2.2 million by the end of the decade and 3.1 million by 2030.

Gaza has one of the world’s youngest populations, with more than 40% younger than 15 years old.

More than one million people in Gaza are classified as "moderately-to-severely food insecure,” according to the UN, despite many receiving some form of food aid.

Gazans can only fish within a certain distance of the shore. The UN says that if the restriction was lifted, it could provide more employment and an affordable source of protein for the people of Gaza.

Power cuts are an everyday occurance in Gaza. On average, Gazans get only three to six hours of electricity per day.

Offshore, there is a gas field which the UN says could provide all the territory’s power needs if it were developed. Any surplus can be put into development.

Gaza has little rain and no major freshwater source to replenish its underground water supplies, which are not large enough to keep up with demand.

While most of Gaza households are a piped water network, the World Bank says supply is inconsistent and often poor quality. 97% of Gaza household depend on water delivered by tanker trucks.

Sewage is a major problem. Although 78% of households are connected to public sewage networks, treatment plants are overloaded. 90 million liters of partially treated and raw sewage is pumped into the Mediterranean and open ponds daily - meaning 95% of groundwater in the strip is polluted.

There is risk that this sewage can flow into the streets which could cause further health problems in the territory.

The UN Says that Gaza could become uninhabitable by 2020.

Source: World Health Bank & United Nations

Building Trust, Building Hope.

Giving makes the world go round. Transparency is essential to making sure the giving keeps going. We place great importance on personally knowing and meeting the non-profit organizations we work with. After discovering what the needs are of each project’s recipients, PaliRoots and our partners ensure the delivery of charitable assets via on-the-ground distribution.

Each completed campaign is accompanied by an impact video, further demonstrating to PaliRooters the powerful influence they have, as well as inspiring our community of supporters to look brightly towards the next project. Details for all the work we have completed can be found by visiting Our Projects.

With every PaliRoots purchase, you stand with us in solidarity for Palestine. You support the families of Gaza, the West Bank, and of the world. You empower a diverse movement dedicated towards creating a more understanding, compassionate, and connected global community. We thank you and extend the wish that PaliRooters will continue to forge peace now and far into the future.

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Feeding | Gaza
May 24, 2020

Feed Gaza: Ramadan Food Parcels

PaliRoots partnered up with Zam Zam, The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA), and the Shifaa Foundation to distribute Ramadan food parcels to families in Gaza. We are humbled by the amount of support this campaign has been able to have, especially during such difficult times around the world.
Project #14 Learn more
Clothing | USA
February 1st, 2020

Give Hijabs: Women Facing Domestic Abuse Project (2nd Project)

PaliRoots partnered up with Arab American Association of New York to donate 182 hijabs for women experiencing domestic violence and abuse. This non-profit is located in Brooklyn, NY and supports and empowers the Arab immigrant and Arab American community by providing services to help them adjust to their new home and become active members of society. Their aim is for families to achieve the ultimate goals of independence, productivity, and stability.
Project #13 Learn more
Clothing | Gaza
December 3rd, 2019

Save Gaza: Winter Bundles Project (4th Annual)

For our 4th annual winter drive, PaliRoots partnered with Zam Zam Water, Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance (MECA), and this year, Salaam Nutritionals and the Shifaa Foundation as well. Together, we have provided Vitamin A and clothing bundles to keep the children of Gaza warm and healthy during the winter season. With your kind support, we have helped protect nearly three thousand children in Gaza!
Project #12 Learn more
Environment | West Bank
September 16th, 2019

Run for Palestine: Planting Olive Trees in the West Bank

PaliRoots and Penny Appeal USA teamed up to do a charity run in Bethlehem from March 24-29th, 2019, to raise awareness and funds to grow more olive trees in the West Bank. Over 3,000 olive trees were planted on 30 farms in Ramallah.

Project #11 Learn more
Feeding | Gaza
May 5, 2019

Feed Gaza: UNRWA Ramadan Food Project

PaliRoots and the UNRWA partnered to provide food packages to Gazan families for Ramadan. $20,294 was raised to offset the devastating impact of a loss of US funding has had on the UNWRA.

Project #10 Learn more
Feeding | West Bank
March 15th, 2019

Bedouins to Stay: Feeding Families in the West Bank

PaliRoots and Zam Zam Water partnered to provide food packages to Bedouin families in the West Bank. Food packages were delivered to 200 families, supplying an average of 8 week’s sustenance.
Project #9 Learn more
Clothing | USA
December 31st, 2018

Hijabs for Women: Facing Domestic Abuse Project

PaliRoots partnered up with Wafa House to raise money to provide hijabs for women experiencing domestic violence and abuse. This non-profit is located in New Jersey and serves many women who are voiceless in the community that needs their services and support.
Project #8 Learn more
Clothing | Gaza
December 3rd, 2018

Save Gaza: Winter Bundles Project (3rd Annual)

PaliRoots, again, joined forces with Zam Zam Water and Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance (MECA) to provide clothing bundles to keep the children of Gaza warm during the winter season of 2018. Showing continued expansion from year to year, together, we have brought warmth to 3,600 children in Gaza.
Project #7 Learn more
Medicine | Gaza
September 07, 2018

Cancer Treatment: Gaza Chemotherapy Drugs For Children Project

PaliRoots and the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) teamed up to treat children in Gaza, Palestine who are affected by cancer. We've donated $4,705 and donated 100% of proceeds for our Battal Boy and Palestinian Ironman Tees to support this campaign.
Project #6 Learn more
Toys | Gaza
August 20, 2018

Gaza Eid Gifts: Children Happiness Project

PaliRoots partnered up with Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA) to provide Eid gifts to children in Gaza. We distributed 300 toys and 100 hair accessories for children in Nuseirat and Khan Younis refugee camps. These areas are extremely poor, but with the help of our beautiful PaliRooter community, we were able to provide gifts to children who needed it the most.
Project #5 Learn more
Backpack | Gaza
August 15th, 2018

Gaza Backpack Project (2nd Annual)

PaliRoots completed the 2nd annual Gaza Backpack Project. We partnered with MECA to manufacture backpacks and school bundles for a kindergarten in Gaza. We donated $3,928 to start the project and pledged to donate 20% of our net-profits to MECA for August.
Project #4 Learn more
Water | Gaza
May 5th, 2018

Thirst Relief: Clean Water Tanker For Gaza

PaliRoots and Penny Appeal USA teamed up to provide healthy, clean and pure water to impoverished students of Gaza. During Ramadan of 2018, we raised $53,489 for a water tanker to serve 10,000 students in a rural part of Gaza where there is no access to clean water.
Project #3 Learn more
Clothing | Gaza
November 28th, 2017

Save Gaza: Winter Bundles Project (2nd Annual)

PaliRoots joined forces with Zam Zam Water and Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance (MECA) to provide clothing bundles to keep the children of Gaza warm during the winter season of 2017. Luckily, with your generosity, we were able to successfully fund this project and helped over a thousand kids in Gaza!
Project #2 Learn more
Backpack | Gaza
September 1st, 2017

Back to School: Gaza Backpack Project (1st Annual)

PaliRoots partnered up with Zam Zam Water and MECA to manufacture 1,500 backpacks and hygiene kits from a Palestinian factory to distribute to the kids of Gaza.
Project #1 Learn more

Penny Appeal USA

Penny Appeal’s mission is to alleviate poverty through sustainable partnerships and programs. They aim to address root causes of poverty, while bridging the gap between poor communities and the funders which back programs. Through sustainable partnerships and long-term solutions, they are working to help end intergenerational poverty.
Learn more

Zam Zam Water

Zam Zam Water’s mission is to better quality of life by bringing water to those in need, one well at a time. They believe that access to clean water, empowerment of women, children, and education are all connected. Zam Zam focuses on schools and orphanages as the primary recipients of access to clean water.
Learn more

Middle Eastern Children's Alliance (MECA)

MECA works to protect the health, lives and rights of children in the Middle East. The primary tools they use are aid, education, and empowerment. Programs include direct humanitarian relief as well as projects to help support income generation. Human rights awareness is also improved by encouraging dialogue on the international level.
Learn more

Palestinian Children's Relief Fund (PCRF)

The PCRF was founded in 1991 with the goal of helping provide medical needs for Arab children in the Middle East. They focus on providing care, regardless of nationality, politics, or religion. The vision of the PCRF is to provide needed humanitarian relief, while also addressing fundamental defects within Palestinian health services.
Learn more

Wafa House

Wafa House works to preserve and strengthen the family unit through intervention and education. They are a domestic violence relief and support organization that addresses issues through crisis prevention, legal services, workshops, family counseling and more.
Learn more


UNRWA provides developmental assistance for approximately 5.5 million registered Palestinians. Their services encompass relief and social services, education, health care, microfinance, camp infrastructure and improvement, and emergency assistance - including in times of armed conflict.
Learn more

Arab American Association of New York

The Arab American Association of New York (AAANY) has been a voice for the Arab American community in New York for nearly 20 years. AAANY aims to support and empower the Arab immigrant and Arab American communities by providing free education, mental health, and immigration support services to help them adjust to their new home and to become active, independent, and productive members of society.
Learn more