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How It Works?

The more you shop, the more rewards you earn!

Ways to Earn

  • Shop PaliRoots $1 = 1 PaliCoin
  • Sign-up 50 PaliCoins
  • Follow Instagram 25 PaliCoins
  • Follow Facebook 15 PaliCoins
  • Celebrate Your Birthday 50 PaliCoins
  • Write a Review 20 PaliCoins
  • Attach Video to Review 50 PaliCoins
  • Attach Photo to Review 30 PaliCoins


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Redeem For Discount

Redeeming your hard-earned PaliCoins is easy! Once you're done shopping, you can redeem any discount you qualify for directly at checkout after redeeming from the PaliRewards Launcher.

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100 PaliCoins 200 PaliCoins 500 PaliCoins

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