How it All Started.

Founded in 2016, the PaliRoots mission is to bring awareness to the world about the Palestinian culture by crafting specialty products inspired by its people and identity.

The outcome? An entirely new generation of Pali Gear was born, inspired by the land and culture of Palestine, catching the attention of Palestinians, supporters, and celebrities worldwide.

Many people have never been to Palestine, Palestinians and others alike. Yet, there is a deep care and admiration that extends around the globe for the Palestinian identity.

The PaliRoots brand was created to explore, celebrate, and share Palestinian culture in a modern and positive way.

We encourage all people to embrace their culture, especially those who feel division and fear because of their differences from mass society. PaliRooters have learned that these differences can be a place of strength, identity, and newfound friendships.


Life is too Short to Live Divided.

Living life with compassion and purpose radiates positivity and unity. What brings us together is our values, which are to love and to respect each other. A PaliRooter is a humanitarian who seeks joy in helping people around them.

Our community is mixed with other beautiful cultures around the world and is a platform where you can learn from each other, exchange stories, services, and help one another alike.

PaliRooters come from every background, inspiring one another to support a mission of peace, awareness, and mutual respect.  

What will you do in this world while you’re alive and able to help?


Made with Purpose.

We take pride in our dedication towards high-quality, out of the box products, putting months of research and development towards a meaningful creation. Many are made from unique materials, soft cottons, and are hand-sewn with special attention to artisanal detail.

Independent inspection agencies further ensure the quality of our products before they are ever even shipped, giving you the peace of mind that you will be satisfied with your product upon delivery.

On top of all that, we guarantee safe and ethical production by verifying manufacturer accreditation. Our soaps and kufiyas from Palestine are fair trade as well. Our commitment to quality, safety, and ethical conduct are further bound and reinforced by our Palestinian Hospitality Guarantee.

A Passion for Giving Back.

Together, we stand in solidarity for Palestine and for people around the world who face extreme hardship. We believe in the important role ethical and community-minded businesses have to create change. One sale, one donation, and one family at a time! Your support is vital for creating a brighter tomorrow. Learn more about our projects and how you can help by visiting the Charity page today.

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