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The PaliRoots movement has made a huge impact by helping thousands of Palestinian children. We strive to do more projects for Palestine such as building clean water wells, support research for diseases, build parks, fund schools and much more. 

3rd Annual Save Gaza Winter Project

December 03, 2018

PaliRoots joined forces with Zam Zam Water and Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance (MECA) to provide warm clothing bundles for the second year in a row.

The 3rd annual Winter Relief Drive aims to supply jackets, jeans, wool thermals, socks, and shoes to children between the ages of 4-14. Help us bring warmth to the children of Gaza and give them hope for future winters to come.

Donate today to support this project:

Deadline: January 3rd, 2018.

Feed Gaza: Food Package Project

November 07, 2018

This Thanksgiving we’re not leaving our Gazans behind! PaliRoots and Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) partnered up to provide food packages to Gazan Families. For the entire month of November, we will be donating 10% of our net-profits to Feed Gazan Ophans.

Currently more than 100,000 people in Gaza are displaced and an alarming 72% of households are considered food insecure by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

This food distribution will be locally produced food products which directly benefits both the local economies and people in need.

Our on-ground partners have identified families that are in need in the Jabalia, Khan Younis, Nuseirat and Gaza City region who have been overlooked by larger aid efforts.

Gaza Chemotherapy Drugs For Children Project

September 07, 2018

PaliRoots and The Palestinian Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) teamed up to treat children in Gaza, Palestine who are affected by cancer. We've donated $4,705.51 and donating 100% of our proceeds for our Battal Boy and Palestinian Ironman Tees to support this campaign. 

In 2013, PCRF built the first ever public cancer department for children in Beit Jala Hospital. Today, this program helped care for more than 800 children born in Palestine who need treatment to live another day. 

Please purchase these tees to support the beautiful children of Palestine or donate.

Drug Donated: Mercaptopurine

Total: $4,705.51 (Pending)

Gaza Eid Gifts for Children Project

August 20, 2018

PaliRoots partnered up with Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA) to provide Eid gifts to children in Gaza. We distributed 300 toys and 100 hair accessories for children in Nuseirat and Khan Younis refugee camps. These areas are extremely poor, but with the help of our beautiful PaliRooters community, we were able to provide gifts to children who needed it the most.

Wafa, the project assistant at MECA shares, "It was my greatest pleasure to purchase these toys for Gazan kids. It is one of my happiest moments and will remain in my memory forever. We purchased all my favorite toys that I dreamed about as a kid and all the toys the children asked for.

At first, we thought that we preferred to purchase essential needs for children, such as clothes and schools bags, but we later realized that toys are also essential, as many of these kids and their parents cannot afford toys and are lucky to simply have food on the table.”

From the MECA Team to the PaliRooter Community:

"The amount of happiness you brought to the hearts of these children and the number of smiles you drew on their faces is indescribable. We thank each and every one of you who helped make this endeavor possible. The difference you’ve made is truly priceless. Thank you."

2nd Annual Gaza Backpack Project

August 15th, 2018

PaliRoots is back for the 2nd annual Gaza Backpack Project. We have partnered up with MECA to manufacture backpacks for a kindergarten in Gaza. We have donated $2,000 to start the project and pledged to donate 20% of our net-profits to MECA for August which totaled to $1,928.14. 

Total Donated: $3,928.14
Total Backpacks Donated: 980

Bundle Includes:
1 Backpack
12 Notebooks
12 Pencils
2 Erasers
2 Rulers
2 Sharpeners
1 School Supplies Box

Provide Clean Water Tanker For Gaza!

May 5th, 2018

96% of Water in Gaza is Undrinkable!

PaliRoots and Penny Appeal USA teamed up to provide healthy, clean and pure water to impoverished families, schools, and hospitals of Gaza. This Ramadan we raised $53,489 for a water tanker to serve 10,000 students in a rural part of Gaza where there's no access to clean water.

What is a Water Tanker?

A Water Tanker is a refillable vessel that delivers clean water. These tankers help reach areas where water supplies are restricted or contaminated. We provide stainless steel storage tanks to places such as schools, orphanages, hospitals and places of worship which can be filled efficiently and regularly, these tanks are durable and long-lasting.

By  providing clean water, you not only terminate waterborne diseases such as Cholera, and other serious illnesses such as Guinea worm disease, Typhoid, and Dysentery, you can also boost the agriculture and promote educated and healthy societies.

Water is life and everyone deserves access to clean and pure water.

Water Tanker Campaign:

Save Gaza Winter Project

November 28th, 2017

PaliRoots joined forces with Zam Zam Water and Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance (MECA) to provide warm clothing bundles to keep the children of Gaza warm this winter season.

With limited wood supply and electricity, the people of Gaza experience harsh and unforgiving winters. Luckily, with your generosity, we were able to successfully fund this project and helped over a thousand kids in Gaza!

A total of 3149 winter bundles were distributed amongst areas in Rafah (Al-Maswasi, Al-Shoka, etc), Northern Gaza (Jabalia, Biet Lahia, etc), and Gaza City ( Al-Shatee Camp, Al-Naser, etc). Winter clothing items such as jackets, shoes, socks, jeans, and woolen underclothes were produced from local Gazan factories that have closed in the recent period with the deterioration of the economic situation in Gaza.

We are overjoyed by your support and thank you for being an integral part of PaliRoots greater mission, helping to promote the well being of Palestinians and others worldwide.

Gaza Backpack Project

September 1, 2017

PaliRoots partnered up with Zam Zam Water and MECA to manufacture 1,500 backpacks and hygiene kits from a Palestinian factory to distribute to the kids of Gaza. Without the support of our PaliRooters or sponsors, we'd not be able to make this possible. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these children. 

Hygiene Kit Includes:
Bar Soap
Water Bottle