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In Our Fight Against Social Media Censorship...

Palestinian voices are being censored across various social media platforms. Social media platforms have all seemingly taken a stance against Palestinian voices by either shadow-banning informative videos or preventing users from sharing the truth about Palestine. PaliRoots presents the ‘Censored’ Collection to spark conversations about the recent uprising which brought much needed attention to the Free Palestine Movement. Pieces from this collection were curated to educate, inspire, connect, and acknowledge the real truth of the Palestinian Heritage.

The clothes we wear inherently say something about our beliefs — some more loudly than others.

Supporting Artists Around The World

We have teamed up with 6 incredible artists within the community to bring awareness to the Free Palestine Movement. These intricately crafted pieces are themed with a powerful message that aims to express an undying desire for freedom, justice, and the call to a revolution.

The People United Will Never Be Defeated

There is an everlasting affect when people who share a common belief come together as one. History has repeatedly shown victorious impacts of rallies demonstrated through unification and integrity. Such victories are owed to a people united who will never be defeated!

From the worldwide protests as a result of the displacement of six Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah in May of 2021, we are going to remind the world that our voices will never be silenced.