Toys | Gaza | Project #25

Celebrating Smiles: The Resounding Success of Play for Peace Initiative

People Affected
1,160 Children
Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance (MECA)


In an effort to combat the psychological strain endured by children in Gaza, PaliRoots in collaboration with the Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA) embarked on a spirited project aptly named 'Play for Peace'. Our goal was to bring the joy of Eid to these young hearts by providing them with their very own Eid toys, a symbol of normalcy and comfort in their turbulent environment. Today, we stand proud, having touched the lives of 1,160 children, letting their laughter echo amidst the rubble, letting their smiles challenge adversity. This heartwarming endeavor was not just about the toys; it was about resilience, love, and the enduring spirit of community.

Our Goals

1. Spread Joy and Comfort: With 'Play for Peace', we aimed to provide Eid toys to the children in Gaza, sparking joy and a sense of normalcy amidst their challenging circumstances.

2. Empower Local Communities: We committed to sourcing all toys from local vendors, thereby infusing the economy and supporting Gaza's homegrown businesses.

3. Cultivate Emotional Resilience: By offering the children the chance to play and enjoy their childhood, we hoped to foster psychological resilience and counter the impacts of their stressful environment.

Impact and Distribution

Our project has brought happiness to 1,160 children, delivering beautifully crafted toys, each one a beacon of hope and joy. Under the guidance of Wafaa, our dedicated Project Manager, we meticulously selected, procured, and distributed toys in an equitable manner across the region. This process further supported a multitude of local businesses, with vendors ranging from large toy manufacturers to small artisanal workshops.

Distribution was performed under three main categories:

1. Play Therapy Toys: Distributed to psychological relief centers for therapeutic play sessions.

2. Educational Toys: Given to schools and educational centers to enrich the learning experience.

3. Community Toy Distribution: Randomized selection and distribution of toys to children in community spaces, fostering a sense of shared joy and communal strength.

Supporting Local Communities and Economy

In association with MECA, we were able to sustainably invest in Gaza's economy, benefiting local businesses directly. 'Play for Peace' supported countless craftsmen, toy-makers, and vendors, breathing life into the local economy and strengthening the community fabric.

Your unwavering support has allowed us to turn our ambitious vision into a heartwarming reality. Together, we have not only brightened the lives of the children but also fostered economic resilience within Gaza. We deeply appreciate your ongoing commitment and look forward to continuing our journey of making a meaningful difference.