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THE POWER 5 Who Represented Palestine in the Olympics 🌟

As we all know, the Olympics is a place where many talented athletes come together and collectively display their awe inspiring ability to perform. Every time the Olympics comes around, people across the globe become super excited as they’re able to watch and support the people that represent where they come from. In this year's Olympics we have a few competitors that we eagerly would like to highlight, as their being in the positions that they are today give our homelands well deserved and boastful representation. Here are the POWER 5 who represented Palestine in the Olympics 

Wesam Abu Rimlah, A 26 year old Palestinian born and raised in the beautiful city of Jerusalem. He was chosen to participate in the 2020 Olympics as a judo competitor in Tokyo, Japan. Wesam is no stranger to the art of judo as his father who also doubles as his judo coach has been competing in the sport since he was a young man himself. Not only is he the only son that followed in his father’s footsteps, but his brothers Ahmed and Amr have also learned the art of competing in judoka. 

Yazan Al-Bawwab, born and raised in Dubai holding a Palestinian and Italian citizenship, is one of the five swimmers representing Palestine in the Olympics this year. we can all collectively commend this young swimmer as well as student engineer for his efforts in competing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and representing Palestine so eloquently as he performs.

Hanna Barakat is a young Palestinian American runner, as well as a student athlete at Brown University. As we watch Hanna compete in the 2020 Olympics, we can see that she is but a prodigy of her father who had too once competed in the 1984 Olympics playing field hockey. Hannah is one of five Palestinian runners that is able to represent the Palestinian people as she is a part of the 100 meter women’s sprint in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Mohammed Hamada is competing in this year‘s 2020 Tokyo Olympics as a Palestinian weightlifter. Hamada is a Palestinian native born and raised in the beautiful city of Gaza. his brother Hussam is the Palestinian national weight-lifting coach. Hamada left Gaza several weeks prior to the Olympics in order to dodge the inability/inconvenience of not being able to leave and potentially missing out on a life-changing opportunity such as being a participating athlete in the olympics. 

Dania Nour, A young and quite impressive Palestinian competitor that is no stranger two representing Palestine through athletic capabilities. not only is she an active participant of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but Nour has also participated in  representing palestine at the 2018 Asian games, as well as the 2019 Aquatics Championship. Nour shows that not only is she a young Palestinian Representative in the Olympics, but as we take a look at her previous experiences we are able to see that she continues to thrive through resilience and the ability to keep pursuing what she loves the most just like any true Palestinian would.