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Palestine: Rich History and Culture

The stories, moments and ethos have shaped Palestine to be a symbol of courage and strength. Between the relentless olive trees to the patience seas, the land breeds hope. Palestine is a land enriched with culture and traditions and the people never shy in showcasing its beauty to the world. From the popular celebratory dance known as the debka to the articulate clothing patterns to even the deliciously orchestrated kunafa dessert dishes, Palestine offers it’s heart and soul to the world through these traditions. The people carry themselves with pride knowing the land they walk over has such rich history.

You will find all types of people inhabiting the lands of Palestine, from the optimistic shop owners who chase the sun rises to open up their Dukan (Shops) or the young boys who riddle the streets playing soccer with such vigor and determination, the land sees it all. The woman of Palestine have been boldly wearing elegant thobes with the iconic tatreez patterns on them. The pattern itself prominently uses the colors red, green, white and black which are influenced by the Palestine flag colors. The flag on its own has become a symbol of persistence and patience. Throughout the ruins and rubbles you will always find a Palestine flag mounted on top preserving the land. People of Palestine carry the flag in every manner possible, you will see kids painting the flag on their cheeks in celebration to older people fashionably presenting it on their attire, the flag has been embraced and celebrated by all. The flag is echoed throughout the versatile lands for all to see.

The lands themselves are convoluted in terrain, through the dominating guardian like granite mountain tops that protect the land. The profound valleys that burrow the spirits of Palestine or to the thought provoking inner plains of the land. The unique geography of Palestine allows such things to grow like the iconic olives, barley and wheat. The land are also overrun with rivers that embody the terrain and carry themselves to the seas.The neighboring seas are both iconic, the Mediterranean and the dead sea. The dead sea holds an impressive feat as being the lowest land elevation at 1388 feet.

The seas aren't the only historical attractive landmarks, deemed as one of the most religious locations in the world is the Dome of the Rock. The dome of the rock has held its significance for over 1500 years to many different practicing religions. Providing a prime example of all the type of religions that can be found within Palestine such as; Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Ultimately this is our mission statement, to preserve and demonstrate all of what makes Palestine. The culture, the people, the land; it is all for the sake of keeping this alive and enlightening the world with the beauty that is Palestine. Follow our journey in educating and enlightening the world.