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Nablus Soap Company - 400 Years in the Making

Mention the name Tbeleh in the city of Nablus, Palestine and you will likely be greeted with hearty reflections of pride, gratitude, and clean hands. Tbeleh is a family name with over 400 years of relevance in the region and around the world. This family has been the harborers of a secret handmade soap technique and tradition born in 1611, which has led to its modern incarnation, the world famous Nablus Soap Company. Founded by current soap master Mojtaba Tbeleh Adnan in 1971, this company has been a global leader in 100% handmade natural soaps ever since. Their motto has been, “A World of Natural Beauty, Be Beautiful, Be Natural,” and with a line of eco-friendly fair trade organic soaps, it’s not hard to believe they are sticking to their stones. They’ve even joined forces with FAIR-TRADE and ECOCERT, which are international organic societies which encourage travelers to seek and support only fairtrade and organic companies.

Nablus Soap Company Handmade Organic Olive Oil Soap
Nablus Soap is certified organic, eco-certified, and fairtrade 

But the soap did not make its way to the spotlight overnight. In the 19th century, Nablus soaps began making their way out of the Middle East by travelling salesmen, landing on the islands in the Mediterranean Sea. From there, it was exported to Great Britain, where it made its way into the hands of Queen Elizabeth. Purportedly, it was one of the finest soaps in her arsenal, soon becoming a countrywide favorite for all of England, as well as extending its healing goodness across Europe. By 1934, during the British Mandate, the British government called for an analysis of the Tbeleh’s soap by the London Institution, which concluded that indeed all the ingredients are naturally produced and chemical free. In fact today, the Nablus Soap Company’s natural soap is comprised completely of botanical ingredients, those coming from plants, including anywhere between 62-80% organic virgin olive oil depending on the type of soap. Olive oil helps users maintain a healthy pH balance of the skin while at the same time moisturizing and protecting it as well. Additionally, Nablus Soap’s environmental record is bolstered by their commitment to creating a biodegradable soap with no synthetic compounds, and no testing on animals.

The soap is made by first adding all the ingredients for the batch to a massive cooking vat. Here the ingredients are heated for several days. Historically, olive leaves that were not used for the mix were used as fuel for the fires which heated the vats. After cooking, the soap mixture is poured onto the factory’s cold stone floor to cool. Once a certain point of cooling has been reached, the soap is cut and the Nablus emblem is pressed upon the tops. The soap is then stacked in towers to finish the cooling process before being packed and shipped around the world!

Nablus Soap Company Natural Handmade FactoryNablus Soap Company's Handmade Soap Factory in Nablus, Palestine 

In addition to 100% pure organic olive oil from the finest olive trees in the Holy Land, they include herbs with healing and nourishing effects, Dead Sea minerals, essential oils, and coconut oil for a natural gentle foam. There are no additives for coloring, flavoring, foaming, or preserving. This incredibly safe and effective soap comes in many varieties as well: Traditional, Herbal, Arabisc, Ghar, Liquid, Toilet and Hotel, Ball, Fine Granule, Private Labeling and special Embroidery Boxes. It is no surprise that Nablus Soap reaches beyond all borders, as they export over 1,000 tons to more than 71 countries around the world. Top destinations have been the USA, Italy, Ukraine, Canada, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, the United Kingdom, Jordan, Russia and many more. Nablus Soap has even been featured on Al Jazeera, The Insider, and is becoming an ever more popular globally sought-after gift for all occasions.


Nablus Soap Company Traditional Handmade Organic Natural Soap

Of all the soaps, Nablus’s most popular is by far the traditional bar. This unscented soap carries a mild olive oil aroma and is used for everything: dishes, clothes, hands, body, and more! Other top contenders are the Dead Sea bar, Honey, Lavender, and Goat Milk. The Dead Sea soap is ideal for those with blackheads, acne, or oily skin, while Honey is perfect for nourishing and protecting skin with its many vitamins and minerals including B6, Potassium, Sodium, and Zinc. Lavender is also very soothing, helping treat dryness, acne, and even eczema. Goat Milk not only removes dead skin via its alpha hydroxy acids, but it too is a wonderful moisturizer that brings relief to many skin conditions. If you are not yet inspired to give Nablus Soaps a try, we encourage you to check out PaliRoot’s Nablus Soap collection and see just what each of these incredible handmade, natural, and eco-friendly soaps can do for you! Shopping for Nablus soap? Be sure to check out our entire collection of 19 Nablus Soap scents today!

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