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How to Make Delicious Knafeh (Middle Eastern Sweet Cheese Dessert)

Mr. Halawa's Knafeh Recipe


1 Pack of Kataifi Filo Dough - Shredded

3 Blocks of Ackawi Cheese

Mozzarella or Sweet Curd Cheese - 0.75lb

1 Tbsp PUC Cheese - Optional

2 Cups of Sugar

4-5 Tbsp of Ghee

1 Stick of Butter

Crushed Pistachio For Topping



    1. Grind the dough using a food processor or blender or manually with your hands
    2. Mix all the cheese in one bowl. Crush them with a fork to make the cheeses smaller.
    3. Add PUC to the cheese mix. This will give the knafeh a creamy consistency - optional.
    4. It’s best you use your hands to mix the cheese with the PUC by squeezing the mixture through your palms. Mix thoroughly.
    5. Mix the butter and ghee. Microwave until fully melted.
    6. Get a pan and ghee it up - be generous coating the pan. Don’t forget the edges.
    7. Sprinkle sugar all over the pan.
    8. Add the rest of the sugar and melted butter in the Filo dough. Mix with hands.
    9. Spread the dough evenly over the pan - save some dough for the end. Pat the dough into the pan & flatten evenly.
    10. Add the cheese evenly over the flat dough. Pat down the cheese into the dough. 
    11. Use the leftover dough to add a small layer on top of the cheese.
    12. There are two methods for cooking your knafeh:
  • Stove Top Method
    • Set heat to medium & hand spin evenly fr 20 minutes
  • Oven Method - easier
    • Set the oven to 350F
  • Put the knafeh inside the oven for 30 mins
  • Take out the knafeh and flip the knafeh with another pan - see video above for a visual reference.
  • Add Atir, sugar liquid, onto the knafeh - optional
  • Top of with crushed pistachios

Sahtain PaliFam!


Thank you to The Nut House USA for supporting the Second Annual Knafeh Competiton!