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7 Things You Should Never Say or Do To a Palestinian

Listed below are some of the various things you should avoid saying or doing to your fellow Palestinian at all costs! Palestinians are known for being very passionate about their culture… and if you say or do one of these things, the chances are, they won’t keep calm!

1.) “I am paying the restaurant bill.”
Whether you were invited to a meal or you were the inviter; never, and we mean never, insist on paying the restaurant bill. World War 3 will break out right then and there, no matter how big, small or crowded the restaurant is. Also, remember that there is no such thing as settling to split the bill in half!

2.) “Are you from Pakistan?”
Yes both countries are located in the Middle East and both begin with the letter P in English; but these are as far as the similarities go! Your fellow Palestinian will bring out a map and put you through a geography lesson to show you exactly where Palestine is located in comparison to Pakistan!

Are you from Pakistan

3.) To Hijabi Girls: “Do you shower with your Hijab?”
Note: Hijab (headscarf) is taken off at home – so don’t jump to any conclusions or you will surely hear it from your fellow Palestinian sister!

Showering with Hijab

4.) Place your foot up showing the bottom of your shoe while talking to a fellow Palestinian.
This is a huge no no. Especially with elders, it is taken as a sign of disrespect. Any Palestinian witnessing this will be thinking to themselves ‘walak nezzel surmaytak!’ Which literally translates from Arabic to English as “You better lower your shoe!”

Putting foot up in front of someone

5.) “I don't like Knafa.”
This will almost immediately be taken as an insult! Most Palestinians would do anything just to have a bite of knafa! Thus, there is no denying that Knafa is hands down the most delicious dessert out there! 

What is wrong with you? You don't like knafa?

6.) “What is Maklooba?”
What? You MUST know what maklooba is. Merely the most iconic Palestinian dish there is. Almost any Palestinian can agree they crave their mother’s maklooba for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

What is maklooba

7.) Deny an invitation for lunch or dinner
Your fellow Palestinian and his or her family will take a huge offense to this! You are entitled to come, and with an empty stomach for this matter since your plate will be filled not once, but twice.

Denying food from Palestinain