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11 Palestinian Artists Challenging Mainstream Media by Portraying Real-Life Palestine

One of the most powerful ways to evoke emotions or send a powerful message is through art. And although works of art can be inspiring alone, they wouldn't be as meaningful without the passionate mission by the artist themselves. We eagerly would like to share with you 11 incredible Palestinian artists who's talents need no introduction! Don't forget to support these artists by following them and sharing their work in ways you can, today!

This is only a small glimpse of a few artist as we constantly share and support talented artists across the globe who are inspiring visionaries of a free Palestine. We will always be adding on to, and highlight the endless talent we are met with. Thank you to all of the artists out there who use their cultivated talents to enlighten others and tell stories that words cannot amount to, but the heart can fully understand.

Dalia Elcharbini | @daliaeart

Fun Fact: "When I was 12 I had an accident in science class followed by an eye surgery. The doctor said it was a miracle and that I was 2 millimeters away from going blind".

Dalia is a Palestinian-Canadian artist living in Toronto. Her Palestinian art is her own attempt to connect to her "PaliRoots" while living in diaspora. She believes that a big part of my artistic calling is to shed light on the beauty and story of Palestine while intentionally leaving traces of our culture and Palestinian symbols throughout her incredible bodies of work. Her hope is that this can spark conversation about Palestine and bring awareness to the real narrative of the occupation. You can support Dalia's art via her social media and her site!

♥️ Where To Support Dalia: Dalia's Art Shop

🎨 Dalia's Favorite Piece:


Malak Mattar | @malak_mattar_artist

Fun Fact: "My music taste is cheesy and dramatic".

Palestinian painter Malak Mattar portrays powerfully expressionist faces, figures, and semi-abstract designs. She first started painting at age 13, during the 51-day Israeli military assault on Gaza in 2014. Forced to stay inside for her own safety, Malak says, “I felt a compelling need to release all my negative energy—fear, anxiety, and sheer terror.” She started painting with school art supplies, using basic watercolor on paper. And now, at 21 years young, she has released her new bilingual children's book, "Grandma's Bird". Ms. Mattar's artwork is available on both Instagram and on her Etsy shop, @malakartstore. Below is her favorite art piece, "You and I", one that was also featured in GQ MiddleEast magazine titled 'Inside The World Of Palestinian Artist Malak Mattar'! What a win!

♥️ Where To Support Malak: MalakArtStore on Etsy

🎨 Malak's Favorite Piece:


Zeindee | @zeindee

Fun Fact: "I'm a gamer, I spend my weekends playing World of Warcraft".

Born and raised in Palestine, Zeindee is now an illustrator based in Seattle. Zeindee tells stories of social and gender discrimination through her intimate illustrations. Her illustrations empower women and Palestinians to rise above oppression and celebrate their uniqueness. They highlight aspects of Palestine's traditions, culture, geography, etc. in a fresh and positive spin. Zeindee hopes to create a genre of Palestinian art that celebrates (Palestinian) unity outside of the frame of the occupation by highlighting the little minutias of the Palestinian experience.

♥️ Where To Support Zeindee: ZeindeeDesigns on Etsy

🎨 Zeindee's Favorite Piece:


Rami Afifi | @rami.art

Fun fact: "I once got arrested for graffiti".

Director, designer and artist Rami Afifi has lived across Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, making him a veteran of the Middle East. Being half Palestinian and half Egyptian and once embarrassed by his Arab heritage, he now wears it with pride and has spent the last decade contributing to the local street culture and art scene. Rami has been the creative director of local skate brands like Philadelphia & Anthlgy and has collaborated with some of the biggest regional and international brands. He wishes to one day use his art to put Palestine on the map and inspire a new generation of Arab youth to pursue a creative career. That sounds like a promising achievement!

♥️ Where To Support Rami: Rami's Social Media

🎨 Rami's Favorite Piece:


Jasmine Hawamdeh | @jas.hawamdeh

Fun fact: "I have such a huge sweet tooth, Knafeh is my favourite Palestinian dessert".

Jasmine is a New York City born, Toronto raised Palestinian artist. Her heritage and advocacy work inspires much of her personable art. She is an avid oil painter, illustrator, and multi-media artist. Her personal favorite piece of art is her 16X16 oil canvas titled "Rosa", where, "Her name is Rosa, and she cried sweet, pink tears". Jasmine's website is filled with pages worth of her loud and outspoken compositions including a dedicated Palestine piece, called "keys to home" inspired by her late Palestinian grandmother.

♥️ Where To Support Jasmine: Jasmine's Site

🎨 Jasmine's Favorite Piece:

Sliman Mansour | @sliman.mansour

Fun Fact: His favorite artwork of his own is “Camel of Hardship” painted oil on canvas, circa 1973.

Sliman Mansour is one of the most distinguished and renowned artists in Palestine who lives and works in Jerusalem. He was called the "Artist of the Intifada" as his style embodies steadfastness in the face of a relentless military occupation. His works, such as Camel of Hardship, have come to symbolize the Palestinian National Identity and even become part of the Palestinian Collective Identity. In pursuit of his art path, he has co-founded The League of Palestinian Artists, Al-Wasiti Art Center in Jerusalem, and is a founding board member of the International Academy of Art. You can find his timeless art in person in Palestine, or right on his Instagram.

♥️ Where To Support Silman: Silman Mansour's Website

🎨 Silman's Favorite Piece:


Narmeen Hamadeh | @narmeenh.illustrations

Fun Fact: “80’s - 90’s Arabic songs are my jam” - (us too! 👀).

Born of Palestinian parents in Riyadh, Narmeen Hamadeh has taken considered steps in exploring her artistic capacities. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture and a Masters in Living and Interior design from Domus Academy in Milan, she was sure to leave her mark. As an illustrator, she has established an aesthetic impression in culture, activism, and the seeking of beauty. In her work, she pays homage to Palestinian colloquialisms and third culture kid expression. As a Palestinian woman, she places deep importance in the Arab footprint, emphasizing her heritage in a sometimes ‘hiding in plain sight’ approach.

♥️ Where To Support Narmeen: Narmeen's Platforms

🎨 Narmeen's Favorite Piece:


Noor Adwan | @artsypeach

Fun Fact: "I have synesthesia—a perceptual phenomenon in which senses are linked. I can “see” music and sounds". Um, how cool?!

Noor Adwan is a Palestinian-American artist whose work centers around a theme of impermanence. She paints on some surfaces with the knowledge that her creations will inevitably disappear, like skin and fruit. She also creates art that brings new life to objects that would otherwise go unused, like thrifted housewares and broken dishes. Her Instagram displays an incredible collection of her homey collections and statement pieces.

♥️ Where To Support Noor: Noor's Platforms

🎨 Noor's Favorite Piece:


Hadeel Alsafadi | @hoist_thecolors

Fun fact: "I tend to discreetly add little hidden shapes/faces in all of my art works, and no one has ever noticed- yet".

Palestinian arts that is interested in using digital art as a tool to advocate for human rights and social justice of many causes particularly the Palestinian cause. My art pieces are meant to shed a light on the ongoing struggle of the Palestinians and raise awareness and call for an action.

♥️ Where To Support Hadeel: Hadeel's Behance Profile

🎨 Hadeel's Favorite Piece:


C. Gazaleh | @cgazaleh

Fun Fact: "I taught myself to read and write Arabic".

Chris is a Palestinian American artist from San Francisco who works to spread love and knowledge through art and beyond what words can say. His creativity is inspired by the beauty of his own culture and resilience by Palestinians themselves. Mr. Gazaleh hopes to shed light on the struggle for freedom in Palestine and for all oppressed people across the globe. In fact, his family is from Ramallah, Palestine. One of the most historical spots for art!

♥️ Where To Support Chris: C.Gazaleh Arts

🎨 Chris' Favorite Piece:


Safaa Odeh | @safaa.art

Safaa Odeh is an animation artist currently living in Palestine. She holds a master’s degree in Psychology and her work inspires physcial and mental health. Besides targetting a Palestinian audience, her ambition is that her work touches others worldwide and leaves a positive impact.

♥️ Where To Support Safaa: Safaa's Social Media

🎨Safaa's Favorite Piece:


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